Yoga Biarritz

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  “Raise your body and mind”

Learn how to grow and maintain your vital energy – to release your tensions and blockages to feel in harmony and balanced.
A treasure accessible to all …!
Yoga is complementary to all sports such as surfing, rugby, golf, tennis…
Learn to listen to what is happening in you, to be here and now to bring your attention to your feelings, your body, your breathing and your mind.
Learn how to connect to yourself – to others and to your surroundings!
What style of Yoga? A beautiful blend of different experiences … Fluidity, presence, listening, careful, balanced … A dance of body and breath in harmony …
Vinyasa Flow!

Group lessons

Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga

Hatha & Vinyasa yoga à Biarritz

Yoga requires no expensive equipment… Just a casual outfit in which you feel comfortable.
Carpets, supports (bricks, straps, bolster …) and covers are available. Each session lasts approximatively 1h15.
All work resides to maintain a physical and mental balance. In practice, the postures (asanas) invigorate, soften and relax the body, lengthens the spine. We talk about stability and openness (Sthira-Sukha) to “open up to the world” …. Be present … But also breathing (Pranayama), awareness of breathing and experiencing our feelings.
“The body is with the service of the breath” You just have to be guided, to let go and to reconnect to yourself! The art of attention …


Private lessons

Individuel yoga in Biarritz


The individual course leads to the evolution and diversity depending on mood, time of day, weather.
It allows you to progress at your rhythm and see real progress quickly.
It is for people who want to deepen their practice and theory of Yoga,
those with special physical conditions.
  But also to persons to whom the collective class schedules are not suitable and / or who do not feel comfortable there.
You prefer to stay in the quiet of your home, I’m moving in your home, in your vacation residences, work place to make your life easier!

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Yoga is a lifestyle, a way of thinking with respect for oneself and others.
Join the business with pleasure by practicing feet in the grass, sand, connected to the forces and energies elements around you!
I propose as soon as the weather allows to enjoy the landscapes and fresh air of the Basque coast!
Marion Lake, Biarritz Lighthouse beach, Côte des Basques … ..
To be continued, follow the tide schedule and miss weather!
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Courses and workshops in companies

Courses and workshops in companies

Regular practice of yoga can increase the wellness of each and improve productivity while creating an environment conducive to the expression of your personal and professional qualities.
You will thus find, among the many benefits, better concentration, a beautiful creativity and energy to spare!
Accessible to all. Move to find a bubble of serenity in the middle of your work day!
Relaxation and letting go allow you to step back, to better manage your stress and soothe your physical tension.
I adapt to your needs and desires, which want of regular courses or an internship personalized on various topics.
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